As another year looms many businesses are looking forward to a prosperous New Year and a farewell to the troubles of 2020. So how about a good New Years resolution? “Get your business noticed.”

You may already have a website or just not got round to it.

If you have a website already have you looked at recently with fresh eyes. Try looking at it from a customers perspective and compare it to your competition. Is it responsive? i.e. does it work well on a mobile device device like a smartphone or tablet. Does it meet modern web standards for good rankings, such as does it have a https address?

Not sure , need a refresh ? Give Betelguise Web Design a call for free professional overview.

Maybe you just haven’t got round to it. If you haven’t consider this, more people use the web to find a product or service than any other method. Advertising in the local press is all well and good, but a newspaper or magazine has a short shelf life, once  people have read what they want in it, it will end up shelved or in the bin. A website is there waiting 24/7 365 days a year.

But what about impulse buying I hear you cry. An advertisement in a newspaper or magazine does prompt peoples desire to want that product or service on impulse. Very true. But did you know using something like Facebook Advertisements linked to your website will reach far more TARGETED people, and for longer, typically at the fraction of the cost.

Food for thought? So take the next step and contact Betelguise Web Design today for a free chat, consultation and quotation to get your business noticed this new year.

Betelguise Web Design 01746 250500 or email

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