Is Your Website Secure ? Google To Penalise Non Secure Web Sites In 2017

As of January 2017 Google have announced their browser CHROME will highlight and penalise websites that are not secure. This will effect your rankings and visitor faith in your website.

If your website starts with HTTP it does not have a SSL Certificate and is insecure for visitors. A secure address starts with HTTPS with the ‘S’ standing for secure. This is shown on Chrome as a padlock next to the web address.

A SSL Certificate keeps data secure between servers protecting your visitor and this building customer trust. This is very important for e-commerce sites and infact any website that has any forms installed like Contact Forms.

Betelguise Web Design is handling this for all their clients by installing a free SSL to all the websites they host. All new hosted clients will automatically have a HTTPS address.

If you have an insecure website and need some advice or an SSL installed contact Betelguise Web Design for web design, support and affordable quality UK Hosting.

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