Choosing how to promote your business and services can be hard for any small to medium sized business. Often faced with the choice of online marketing, such as a website and social media or whether go with the traditional choice of print advertising, such as advertisements in newspapers and magazines, or indeed both.

Both online marketing and printed advertisements have their own strengths and benefits.

What you must ask yourself is what is the most cost effective way of reaching your potential customers.

A website has the benefit of reaching anyone anywhere in the UK, or even the world, who seeks their needs using a search engine. With the majority of people now having a computer, tablet or mobile phone with internet access it is a proven fact that more people use a search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing to find what they want than using any other media.

A good web design company, such a Betelguise Web Design, that has a proven track record can create a website to suit your budget, and using white hat on-page optimisation target a localised audience all for a fixed price. This ensures when your client has a need and searches for a local supplier your company can be easily found.

Using off-page optimisation a good website can reach out to clients outside your local area, normally on a monthly budget, and the strength is you know that that client is looking for your type of products and services.

The other great strength of a good website that uses Content Management, such as WordPress, or using a local web designer is it is cheap, quick and easy to add products and services, add news and features and run promotions.

Printed advertising has the strength of reaching niche markets and creating the impulse to buy. People reading a magazine or newspaper, more often than not, are not looking for that product or service at the time. But a good advertisement that stands out creates desire and the reader feels empowered to want that product or be reminded they need that service.

The downfall of printed advertising is that it is typically very costly and has a very short lifespan and shelf life. A newspaper for example often only has one chance to get that attention before it goes in the bin.

Also remember it’s all in the design, a good web site or advertisement catches the readers eye and creates that impact. So when choosing a designer be sure they have the knowledge and experience to be able to reach out to your prospective client and create you that shop window and road to market.

So when on a budget our recommendation would be to always have a website, even if it is just a small brochure site, pound for pound it can reach out to a larger customer base, create a better new road to market and be your perfectly tailored shop window better than any other form of marketing. Then if budget permits add printed advertisements to you marketing arsenal.

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