As the New Year approaches businesses without a good quality web site will be missing out.  Did you know 6,586,013,574 internet searches a day are made worldwide and 89% of the UK use the internet to find what they want or need to know.

The reason many businesses still don’t have a quality website that represents their business is budget. Their belief is a quality website will cost thousands of pounds. This is not the case !

So what are the alternatives ? TV adverts and social media marketing promotes an affordable monthly paid solution with build your own websites, but at Betelguise Web Design we believe we can offer a far better solution than a build your own website company.

Advantages of a Web Designer Over A Build Your Own Website


With a professionally designed site your site is how you want it not a template that looks identical to what other competitors may have. Build your own websites are predefined template driven so if you make cakes and pick a template for cake makers how many of your competitors have done the same ?


A web designer knows how to create a website and what the public looks for. He can choose the colours, fonts, images and style that best suits your business. They can even create you a logo if you don’t have one, a key element to branding your business.


Your time is important. What is the cost to your business if you spend hours, if not days, trying to learn how to create the site and trying to get it really how you want it. Then going back to it trying to remember how to tweak and change it.


A website is useless if no one can find you. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the key to ensuring your business is found when people use search engines such as Google and Bing. A web designer will research your keywords and ensure your meta tags and alt tags are correct to get good rankings, he will also monitor your analytics to ensure that the tweaks are made as necessary to improve this ranking. Does this all sound like gobbly gook ? That’s why you should use a web designer who understands the methods and can explain what he will do in English.


No false promises, the adverts for build your own websites make it sound like your business will become an overnight success. This alas is not the case but a web designer can explain the true timescales and requirements from you to make your web site a success.


With Betelguise web designed sites you own them you don’t rent them. Betelguise charge a fixed fee for the site to suit your budget and then you can easily update them yourselves or pay on a affordable timesheet basis to have it updated. The only charge you have is an annual hosting fee.


If you are just starting out or a small cottage business we understand money is tight,  so having a website is better than no website, but it is always worth just a phone call to go through costs and options first.


We are web designers so of course we want to add you to our portfolio, but some things to look for when choosing a web designer.

  • Experience counts, pick an established web designer with proven track record, not a company who says they have done this and that but display no evidence.
  • Look at their portfolio of sites they have created and see how they perform when you search for them.
  • Stability is key you don’t want a web designer who vanishes overnight. If they only offer a mobile telephone number and no address this could be an issue. Also check that their contact address is genuine, not just a post box.
  • Communication is a vital piece of business success. When choosing a web designer see how they communicate just on the enquiry stage.
  • Don’t be fooled by social media marketing and review sites , ask about, a recommendation by a business or friend is often the best endorsement. BUT do check your friend has actually used them not just getting a beer out of it.
  • Check how they design your website and where it will be hosted. For example Betelguise Web Design primarily uses WordPress the most stable and commonly used web platform with sites hosted on WordPress Dedicated Hosting on UK Servers, for reliability and speed.

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