Having a fabulous looking web site is great but without good rankings on search engines (SERPS) it’s just wasted. Content & Backlinks Count.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to getting good rankings but it’s not EASY , there are no instant results, neither is there a A-Z guide that will achieve the results you want. One day you can be on page one of Google the next for no apparent reason you drop to page two, one page may do great but another page may hardly appear. So what’s a good foundation and what ground rules should you follow ?

Good Content Is Key For Good SEO

This is the statement that is brandished around the internet. Yes you need good content, Google always seeks fresh content that is constructive and informative. The content should still contain the keywords but don’t overload it, also outbound links to informative articles, statistics and relevant content can endorse your content. Be sure to use H2 tags and H3 tags for important headings that contain keywords. Don’t overload the content with irrelevant head tags. But this isn’t all you need

Quality Backlinks Count For SEO

This is just as important as good content, quality backlinks from relevant and trusted sites, as well as directories and articles are essential. Try to get some keywords in the anchor text and alt text where possible. For example rather than just the name of your company , add the area you are in and a top level product or service you supply . i.e Beamans & Sons Butchers Bridgnorth, not just Beamans & Sons. One of the best backlinks is your free local business entries on Google My Business and Bing Places.

Promote Your Website Using Social Media

Having your own social media presence is equally important for SEO as it constitutes as quality backlinks. The leaders in the social media field include Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. When creating these accounts be sure they are listed as business pages and they are kept up to date with relevant information, news and events. An aged social media with no updates for months will not help your rankings. Search engines love change and regularly posted new content can only benefit your cause. If time is your enemy and you are worried how to keep this social pages up to date try using tools like Buffer that allows you share and post to all your accounts in one place.

Google Search Quality Guidelines

When optimizing your website for Google the last and important thing to do is ensure you follow the published Google Search Quality Guidelines.

In a nutshell SEO, as previously stated, is not easy and takes time and effort, but persevere, follow the guidelines of good content and backlinks and your efforts will be rewarded.

For a full breakdown of how Google recommends you optimise your website read the Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

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