What Are The Best Facebook Image Sizes & Dimensions 2020 ?

What the the best images sizes to use on Facebook posts, pages and covers ?

When creating facebook posts and pages and using images Facebook has guidelines for the image sizes and dimensions.

Facebook has many recommended image sizes depending on where you use them. Using the correct size is key to making your post and page look its best.

Facebook Photo Posts & Link Sizes : 1200px x 628px

This works well not just on Facebook but also Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram

Facebook Profile Photo Size : 180px x 180px. (Cropped to circle 172px dia)

The Facebook Profile Photo is the large square image to the left of your page overlapping the cover image.

Facebook Cover Photo Size: 820px x 360 px ( Safe Zone when responsive 640px x 312px)

The Facebook Cover Photo is the large panoramic image space at the top of your timeline.

Facebook Our Story Photo Size: 1200px x 445 px

The Facebook Our Story Photo is the biog area in About Us on a Facebook Page


facebook image sizes 2020

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