Why Betelguise Recommends & Uses WordPress

It is very stable, flexible and easy to use and is the base for some 23.9% of websites (Web Technology WordPress Survey) worldwide today.

Cost Effective

WordPress is free software that just requires a stable solid hosting package with a MySql database.

From here we can create a web site that meets virtually any budget. By using one of the thousands of available pre created templates on the market, we can provide you with a professional website at an affordable price.

For that custom more corporate look using a blank canvas backed by editors and frameworks like bootstrap and visual composer we can produce you a stunning custom designed site that meets all your requirements.

WordPress has the largest range of plugins of any CMS on the market, this means whatever your needs the chances are there is a plugin that will run out the box or can be customised to meet your needs.

Easy To Use

WordPress is used by millions of people every day and with a little training you will be able to update your website quickly and easily.

WordPress SEO

The most important thing with any website is Search Engine Optimisation, this is what ensures you can be found on Search Engines when people search for your product or service.

Once we have ensured your content is well written and web friendly our chosen WordPress SEO plugin does much of the work for you. Make a change or create a new page and the SEO plugin will do a lot of the work for you to ensure your page will be noticed.

Endorsed by Google’s Matt Cutts : “WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues.

Updates & Security

Like all CMS packages there are always updates. Another strength of WordPress is how easy it is to keep up-to-date. Updates can be automatically or manually installed the choice is yours. Either way there is no heavy costs or downtime when update are released.

By ensuring that your packages and plugins are up-to-date, using secure UK based hosting and some security extras ensures that your website is a secure as it can be.

Good Support

Betelguise has been developing sites with WordPress for over two years and now uses it every day, and the true endorsement is our own website www.betelguise.com is WordPress based. With the millions of users worldwide and massive number of support articles and site you can have faith you are using the best supported CMS Web package on the market.

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